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Puneet · Nayyar

August 3rd, 2006

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I believe in god. I really do. I also used to think that god has a reason for everything. He makes no mistakes. I have changed my opinion. He makes big mistakes. Really big ones. How do you justify a 26 year old going to sleep next to his wife and not waking up in the morning? There is always somebody to blame. The errant truck driver or the irresponsible doctor. Who is to be blamed for this? Just god. Nobody else. He made a mistake and I’m not gonna forgive him soon.

Keshav and me go back a long way. We first met when I was in 7th standard. I was the one who joined school in the middle of year and he being the class topper. Our teacher introduced us. We were friends for the next 14 years. Sharing our lives. All the fun, happiness and sadness.

Everybody I talked to and told about this news, just one thing came to his or her mind. Friend. Keshav could go up to anybody and talk. Make conversations. I think this was the reason that made him popular. I introduced him to my college friends when he was in Delhi for a short time after his engineering. He was in touch with most of them till last week. Nobody called him a friend’s friend. He was a friend. A good friend.

Another thing that I would remember him by was that he never gave a hard thought before doing something. His heart ruled over his mind. Whenever he felt like doing something, he never discussed it with anybody, just went ahead and did it. I used to admire him for that.

Today, when this news is sinking in, I can’t imagine the pain that his wife would be going through. After all that they went through, it had been just 8 months since their marriage.
What his parents would be going through?
Nobody deserves this. This should not happen to anybody. I still blame god for all this. What is he trying to prove by showing me this?

The things that I learned from this would be – Give time to people you love. Tell them you love them. They might not be there tomorrow to hear this.

Don’t work too hard. You work just for the job satisfaction and to earn money. Don’t do it on the expense of your loved ones. Don’t take time out of their time to spend in office.

Think about the future but plan for tomorrow also.

Insure yourself. So that if you are gone people aren’t financially wrecked along with emotionally.

Live your life to fullest. Do whatever that comes to you mind as long as it does not harm others or yourself. This was exactly how Keshav lived his life.

I cannot think you're not alive somewhere.
I think of you just as I did before.
No sudden gust of wind has closed the door
Or made your presence vanish in thin air.
I write you this because I know you're there;
That even after death there must be more.
So does faith one's inner sun restore
After bitter darkness few can bear.
My mind and heart have not yet lost a friend
Even though my senses are bereft,
For you remain the witness of my soul.
No mere accident our love can end
So long as I have will and memory left,
And you lie silent on some unknown shoal.
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